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Miranda Imagestore HDTV

Master Control

[Image: Miranda Imagestore HDTV]

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Miranda HDTV

HD channel branding and master control switching processor

Miranda’s Imagestore HDTV is a modular HD/SD master control switching and channel branding processor designed for playing out graphics that enhance program presentation and encourage viewer loyalty. It is ideally suited to lightly branded channels, as well as the most graphics-rich television requiring DVE transitions and multi-channel audio mixing.


  • Insertionofanimated and still HD channel branding graphics using internallystoredmedia or external fill/key signals
  • Robustmodulardesign for easy performance upgrades
  • Operatesat1080i/50, 1080i/59.94, 720p/59.94 and 720p/50

  • Serial orEthernetautomation control via single interface, using widelysupported ‘OxtelSeries’ protocol
  • PresStationmastercontrol and branding panels
  • CompactOxtel-HD-RCPpanel

  • Video mixingandadvanced 16 channel audio mixing for 5.1 and multi-lingualbroadcasting
  • Eightchannelaudio playout for automated voice-overs
  • Dual DVEforpicture-in-picture transitions for compelling program junctionsandpromotional graphics
  • Automated,data-drivenmulti-level character generation
  • Analog anddigitalclock insertion
  • ImagestoreIntuition+co-processor allows virtually unlimited charactergeneration, animationinsertion and multiple clip playout
  • IntegratedEAStext and audio insertion


Imagestore HDTV is amodularprocessor which can be configured to suit lightly brandedchannels notdemanding complex transitions, as well as the mostgraphics-richchannels requiring advanced DVE and multi-channel audiomixing. Thisminimizes the initial outlay but allows easy systemexpansion, andeffective, common control systems across multiplechannels.


Imagestore HDTV offershighperformance video and multi-channel audio mixing. The 16channeldigital audio mixer option can operate with AES, or withembeddedaudio, and allows for complex mixing effects, such as duallanguage 5.1mixing or multi-lingual stereo mixing. With ImagestoreHDTV, embeddedaudio mixing is offered as an enhancement to the AESEasysound audiomixer, with 8 and 16 embedded audio input optionsavailable.

The Easyplay audio storage option for the Imagestore HDTVprocessorallows playout of up to 6 hours of eight channel audio (25hoursstereo, 50 hours mono), and this is ideal for 5.1 andmulti-lingualbroadcasting. Easyplay audio files are loaded in 48KHz.WAV format. Upto 8 channels of audio can also be fed into the audiomixer using theclip playout feature of an associated ImagestoreIntuition+.

The internal video mixer offers cut and fade transitions, andisdesigned to be fed by an external router under automation.ImagestoreHDTV can be fitted with up to three dual HD-SDI input boardsto allowselection between multiple HD feeds without an external router.Theseinputs can also be used to provide dual external fill/key inputs.


Imagestore HDTV canplayoutexciting, dual picture-in-picture effects with its high quality,3D-DVEoption. The DVE allows easy automated or manual control ofengagingchannel branding graphics.


The Imagestore HDTVprocessorsfeatures dual keying layers for inserting all types ofbranding andpromotional graphics from internal storage, includinganimations, logosand full frame stills.

Graphics from external devices, such as character generators, canalsobe inserted by the dual fill/key inputs of the ImagestoreHDTVprocessors. Stored images/animations can be taken to air by fade orcuttransitions. An automation pre-load capability allows thenextanimation to be loaded in advance, even while other animationsareon-air, to avoid playout delays on-air.

The processors have a range of animation playout options to allowlongerduration animation playout (see table below).

An almost unlimited animation insertion capability is provided withtheImagestore Intuition+ SD/HD co-processor.


A customizedin-visionanalog/digital clock or timer can be inserted by eachImagestore keyinglayer with the BugClock option. For instance, thisallows two time zoneclocks to be played out simultaneously, or a clockplus a sports timer.

The clocks can include hours, minutes and seconds, and thedigitalclocks can be 12 or 24 hour style.

An unlimited number of digital clocks can be inserted with theinternalEasyText HD/SD character generator option.


Eye-catching graphics canberendered in real-time over custom backgrounds, usingmulti-sessionautomation data, with the Easytext character generatoroption for theImagestore range.

Easytext’s template based operation can significantly reducemanualintervention without compromising creativity, and is ideal forhighlyautomated applications, such as inserting information aboutamusician’s chart performance for a music channel, or the playoutof‘Coming up next’ type program schedule information.

The Easytext system offers complete creative freedom forcharactergeneration. Graphic designers can use any style of backgroundimage.Unicode characters in Truetype fonts can be used from 6 to 600pixels,in any RGB color. High quality characters are output with256-levelanti-aliasing with easy drop shadow and transparency control.

Each Imagestore keying layer can insert a crawl layer, or astatic(dynamically updated) text layer with multiple lines ofcharacters ofdifferent sizes/colors. The graphics can be ‘zip revealed’with adynamic mask, and they can also be moved or ‘panned’ in twodimensions.Time and date information can be inserted via automation, anexternalstation LTC source, or Imagestore’s internal clock. Easytextcan alsoinsert images stored within the image library into thebackgroundgraphic or strap, thereby simplifying the playout of graphicscombiningtext, logos and other icons.

Graphics can be produced quickly using the Text Builder PC software.Forexample, a program schedule background image can be prepared onagraphics PC to ‘house style’ with spaces where text, logo,time/dateand temperature are to be entered via automation. Text Builderis usedto convert the image into an Easytext template, creatingmultiple‘active fields’, where alphanumeric data and associated imagesare tobe entered via automation.

The completed template is downloaded to an Imagestore via Ethernet.Whenthe graphic is required to be played out, the template is keyedand thetext is entered into the ‘active fields’ via commands withintheautomation protocol. The Easytext character generator can be drivenbythe main station automation or a simple text automation program,whichmay be fed by databases of program specific information, suchasfinancial, political and sporting data. A more advancedcharactergeneration capability is provided by the ImagestoreIntuitionco-processor.


The integral, EmergencyAlertSystem (EAS) option for the US market allows broadcastquality,emergency text and audio messages to be inserted into theprogramoutput without manual intervention.

This system operates with an external EAS receiver/ encoder,whichoutputs serial characters to an Imagestore system. An externalaudiorouter is used for switching the audio messages to air.


Miranda’s softwaresuiteprovided with Imagestores allows easy media preparation, editinganddistribution. Animations and stills can be loaded rapidly from aPCover 100Mb Ethernet or floppy disk (Imagestore HDTV). Onceloaded,media can be saved with a file name and title tosimplifyidentification.

The Media Conversion Software allows animations to be loadedandpreviewed as a series of stills. TGA, Quantel VPB, BMP andWindowsClipboard format stills can all be used with this software.

Image editing capabilities include clip, gain and transparency, aswellas masking, and horizontal and vertical positioning.

Automated file format conversion and loading over TCP/IP networks canbeperformed by PC-based automation systems with Miranda’s OXSOXDynamicLink Library.


The Imagestore range isequippedwith front panel diagnostics to provide easy monitoring of theinternaltemperature, power supplies and phase lock loop status. Thediagnosticsdisplay also presents configuration and operationalhistory. Imagestoreprocessors can be monitored remotely over IP usingMiranda’s iControlfacility monitoring and control system.

Remote monitoring information is provided by the EDH outputoption,which allows studio and network engineers to assess the qualityof theSDI signal, even when keying has occurred in the program path.

In the unlikely event of power supply failure, a mechanical/videorelaybypass can ensure that the program input to an Imagestore ispassedunaffected.


A choice of manualremotecontrol panels is available, including compact control panels forbasicmixing and branding, and a fully featured, multichannel mastercontrolswitching and branding graphics panel.

Oxtel-HD-RCP / IS300+RCP
Compact control panel

The Oxtel-HD-RCPandIS300+RCP panels are just 3RU high, 1/2 19” rack frame wide,andprovides control of basic mixing and channel branding functions.Thepanels are designed to fit into a desk or be rack mounted withtheoptional RMF-002 frame.

Advanced HD/SD multi-channel mastercontrolswitching & channel branding panel

The PresStation panelisan ultra-compact and highly affordable multi-channel HD/SDmastercontrol switcher panel for controlling up to 200 HD/SDtransmissionchannels. PresStation combines a hard panel for transitioncontrol witha soft interface for easy configuration and monitoring.


IS-HDTV Imagestore HDTV automated master controlandchannel branding system (two keying layers, 64MB animationplayoutstorage per keying layer, dual outputs, redundant PSU, andEthernetinterface)

Input choice

  • IP2-HD-001 Dual input board
  • IP2-HD-2DVE Dual Input DVE BoardforIS-HDTV


  • MEM-HD-400V Image library expansionto400 images/full frames plus 2 x 128MB animation play-out memory
  • MEM-HD-1000V Image library expansionto1000 images/full frames with 2 x 256MB animation play-out memory
  • MEM-HD-2000V Image library expansionto2000 images/full frames with 2 x 512MB animation play-out memory
  • MIX-HD-001 A/B video mixer
  • VRB-HD-001 Video relay by-pass
  • ET-HD-001 Easytext HDcharactergenerator
  • EAS-HD-001 EAS message inserter(USAonly)
  • BUGCLOCK-HD Bugclock for IS-HDTV
  • ES-HD-8 Easysound digital audiomixerfor IS-HDTV (8 Channel Embedded/AES I/O per video)
  • ES-HD-16-UPG Audio mixer upgrade to16Channel Embedded/AES I/O per video (software upgrade for ES-HD-8)
  • EP-HD-001 Easyplay 8 ChannelAudioPlayout for IS-HDTV
  • Oxtel-HD-RCP Remote control panel(3RU,half 19” rack width)


Miranda Imagestore HDTV
Master Control





Miranda Imagestore HDTV

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